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Our locksmith services are highly knowledgeable with diverse types of locks.

Check out our list below pertaining to questions frequently asked by our customers. Do you have questions about your car key or home locks? We provide excellent, simple answers to assist you dealing with everyday issues.

Can locksmiths replace transponder keys?

Locksmith Sylmar has the proper machinery to replace any transponder key of any car make but we will need your vehicle identification number. It will cost you cheaper than going to your dealers and our automotive locksmith experts can also program it. Each transponder key is unique and its replacement demands high tech equipment and specialized personnel.

Should I install double cylinder bolts?

The truth is that double cylinder bolts are meant to secure properties more efficiently but there is always the risk of getting trapped inside the house or office in times of emergencies like a fire. So, in some buildings it's prohibited and you should stick to plain deadbolt installation or check with the manager.

Can you change my safe combination to something easier to remember?

Yes, but safe guidelines should be followed. In choosing a safe combination number, make sure the new number is not too easy to guess by a thief or burglar. When in doubt, ask our technician for advice. Easily-guessed numbers can make your safe easy to open by someone else.

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